In the 21st century, the word economics march into the global integration stage. The humanity live enter into the brand-new civilized era. Wooing excellence and challenging limit it is one industrious and wisdom process. From the start to today, YINCHONG FOOD keeps the synchronization with the world, absorbs the advanced production technology and the managerial experience unceasingly, eagerly anticipates the dream by the science and technology, realizes civilized sharing, and willing to be the first- class enterprise to take the lead in the specialized production processing of the green, quick-freezed, fresh vegetables in the domestic market .Only challenging the limit unceasingly, then has the possibility to create the miracle. YINCHONG FOOD is glad to challenges each detail, including the product research and development, the bas e planter, the production, the quality testing, the marketing, the serves and the enterprise culture.

YINCHONG FOOD perfects all in the business management and other link. Obviously YINCHONG FOOD has today is result, which are not one day and one night, it is rich harvest by all staff to WOO excellence and challenge limit on some years.

At the beginning of the new century, we follow the developmental strategy of specialized management, strengthening cooperation strategy plan" the management is the base, the innovates is the first, the faith is the win", bear the enterprise mission to meet the customer need, realize the staff value, create social efficiency, and gradually to be one giant in the range of green, quick-freeze, fresh vegetables in agricultural industry.

Under the faith direction of "stems from the nature, offers the humanity", in the exploration, YINCHONG FOOD seeks the magnificently, surmounts the peak unceasingly, transforms strength of the technical to the creative physical life. YINCHONG FOOD devotes to the green agricultural production, eagerly anticipates the humanity dream by the science and technology. And by the high quality product, the culture and the service to realize humanity is high quality life.

God reward the diligent people. The new century, the new YINCHONG FOOD, is growing in the green quick-frozen vegetables production processing industry.